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Book Review: The Becoming (The Dragon Heart Legacy #2) – Nora Roberts

Rating: 4/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy


I’m a big fan of Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb but I almost didn’t read this book. The first book in the trilogy, The Awakening, was such a big disappointment and I hated how the people in Talamh, except for Breen’s grandmother, the friends who supposedly cared about Breen treated her, how they pressured her when they should have supported her. The Awakening had so much potential but the lack of connection and blame-the-victim trend in it made me hate it. So I wasn’t too keen about trying The Becoming. But Nora Roberts’ stories were a lifesaver to me during times when I wasn’t okay so I decided to read it. I’m glad I did.

The first book definitely sucked but the second book, The Becoming made up for it. I still had issues with the love interest, Keegan, but I loved Marco. He’s the epitome of everything a best friend should be and I was happy at how his life progressed in this book. He was amazing.

I enjoyed the other supernatural beings in the book which added value to the story. I also feel like the people who treated Breen badly in the first book redeemed themselves a bit though it still pisses me off when I think of it. The plot-line was a bit predictive, I suspected what was going to happen next so the events weren’t as surprising as they could have been. But the ending provided me with some of that deep connection – what I call Nora Roberts’ signature trait – that was missing in the first book and The Becoming ended up being a good book.


Synopsis: The world of magick and the world of man have long been estranged from one another. But some can walk between the two–including Breen Siobhan Kelly. She has just returned to Talamh, with her friend, Marco, who’s dazzled and disoriented by this realm–a place filled with dragons and faeries and mermaids (but no WiFi, to his chagrin). In Talamh, Breen is not the ordinary young schoolteacher he knew her as. Here she is learning to embrace the powers of her true identity. Marco is welcomed kindly by her people–and by Keegan, leader of the Fey. Keegan has trained Breen as a warrior, and his yearning for her has grown along with his admiration of her strength and skills. But one member of Breen’s bloodline is not there to embrace her. Her grandfather, the outcast god Odran, plots to destroy Talamh–and now all must unite to defeat his dark forces. There will be losses and sorrows, betrayal and bloodshed. But through it, Breen Siobhan Kelly will take the next step on the journey to becoming all that she was born to be.


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Reprint: Hot Enough to Burn – Cynthia Eden

Hola, Book Dragons! Saturday night what are you upto? I’m in bed binge-rewatching one of my favorite Kdramas, While You Were Sleeping. I had my booster shot today and the anxiety kind of had me doing pretty much nothing productive today. On my way to the vaccine clinic, I was checking out my Instagram when I came across Cynthia Eden’s post about a new book.

At first, I thought it was a whole new paranormal story – I love her paranormal stories – but it’s actually a reprint of the first book in her Phoenix Fire series, Burn For Me. Looks like the series has been renamed, Phoenix Fury. I’m a bit disappointed it’s not a new series but I love the new cover and I previously loved her Phoenix series a lot so I’m curious to find if there are any changes in the reprints.

Do you believe in monsters? You should, they walk among humans every single day. Reporter Eve Bradley has known the truth about paranormals for a while, and her latest story has taken her inside the mysterious Genesis facility. It’s at Genesis that Eve first meets Subject Thirteen, Cain O’Connor. Big, gorgeous, and truly, truly HOT.
Cain is a phoenix shifter. Every time that he dies, he rises from the ashes…stronger, deadlier, and another step closer to losing his control. And what happens when a phoenix loses control? Welcome to hell on Earth.
Cain feels an instant connection with Eve, a woman who swears she wants to help him. The attraction between them burns hotter than his flames, and soon, Eve is the only link to sanity that Cain has as the world turns to fire around him.
Eve isn’t human, despite the cover she’s used for years, and she is more than capable of withstanding a little heat. But as their enemies plot to trap them, Eve and Cain will be forced to trust each other completely. Be forced to surrender to a desire that cannot be controlled, and soon, if they are not careful, it’s a desire that might just have the power to destroy them both.
If you want something too badly, if you want someone too much…you will never even see the fire coming, not until it’s too late. Be careful. You don’t want to get burned…

What about you guys, any reprints of old favorites?


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F Is For Friday – 21 Jan 2022

Friday night in bed with a favorite book, hot green tea and chocolate cookies, what could be better? 😉 I feel happy reading one of my favorite series, The Mediator. I’m on book 2 and it’s been a hilarious ride so far.

F – Feature your latest book obsession (it doesn’t have to be your current read)

I came across this book on a friend’s feed on Instagram and omg how gorgeous is this cover!

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Book Review: Dark Tarot (Dark #31) – Christine Feehan

Rating: 4/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Ever since Christine Feehan introduced the Ancients back in Dark Promises, I’ve been anticipating their stories with bated breath. Though some of the newer stories had more of an erotic tendency, she never failed with her fantastic storylines. You’d think that after 34 books in the Dark series with one of the major plot-lines concluded in book 20, Dark Slayer, she’d run out of new plots. But not so. Once again she amazes me with the start of a new storyline that brings new villains to be fought in the Carpathian world. 

Dark Tarot is the ancient, Sandu and his lifemate, Adalasia’s story. As an ancient Sandu has lost all hope of ever finding his lifemate until a voice reaches out to him and floods his senses with colors and emotions. Of course, life is never so easy as to just hand you your happiness on a platter. No, blood and sweat are always involved. Complication upon complication awaited. And an underlying mystery that led back to Sandu and his connection to his lifemate. 

I liked Adalasia so much. She was quite fierce and protective of her family’s legacy. Ah, the marvelous tarot cards! I’ve always been fascinated by tarot cards but Christine Feehan wove a whole new deck with fantastic descriptions that made them so real to me. I was amazed by Adalasia’s mastery of her magical tarot deck.

The best things about this book were the fun interactions between Adalasia and the other ancients, Sandu’s ‘brothers’, seeing all my favorite characters again, and all the potential of a new storyline that brought forth new lifemates for the ancients and the unmated Carpathians that we’re still hoping find their happy-ever-after and of course, evil antagonists that need to be slain. I can’t wait for the new stories!


Synopsis: Sandu Berdardi continues to exist only to protect his people. An ancient Carpathian, his entire long life has been dedicated to honor above all else. He knows his time has passed, especially since he has not been able to find his lifemate — the anchor to keep him sane in a world he no longer understands. But just as he truly starts to give up hope, a voice reaches out to him in the night and his world explodes into color. Adalasia enters Sandu’s mind seamlessly, as if she has been a part of him forever. While she can see the shape of things to come in her deck of cards, her gift is both a blessing and a curse. The true course of Sandu’s quest remains unclear, with danger waiting at every turn. She cannot see everything the future holds, but she does know it is a journey they will take together.


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Movie Review: The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

Rating: 5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Romance


I can’t remember exactly how old I was when I watched the first Matrix movie. I think I must have been fifteen or sixteen, but what I do remember is the wonder The Matrix brought to an impressionable teen who was already crazy about sci-fi and fantasy. And let’s not forget totally crushing on Keanu Reeves after watching him in Speed (1994).

Now, 18 years after The Matrix Revolutions (2003) finished the trilogy off with a heartbreaking end, we were given one more installment. I have to say upfront that I’m a bit wary of additional sequels to franchises that wrapped up with perfect, albeit tragic endings. You know that feeling when a franchise ends with a finality that gave you a satisfying closure and you reconciled the emotions that came with it? And now to open that door again, with an anxiety that this new chapter could just ruin how you viewed and felt about it.

Book Dragons, especially, know this feeling when an author ends a series and then does a surprising addition to it that continues it. I call it a make-it-or-break-it plot twist. So of course I was both hyper and anxious about watching Matrix 4 – The Matrix Resurrections.

I am quite pleased to announce that I absolutely loved it. In my opinion, it was an interesting take on how the original trilogy ended, with new characters and changes to the timeline adding value to the story as a whole. And let’s be honest, how many of us wanted this since we first met Neo and Trinity?

Special Effects
When talking about The Matrix, you can’t not remark on the most important part—the special effects. I enjoyed them a lot and found the new changes a seamless merge to the original trilogy. The special effects were as wicked cool as always, the dystopian world of the machines’ domination as bleak as ever. And it was absolutely terrific!

Old & New Characters
I wanted to watch The Matrix Resurrections without any spoilers or even a glimpse into it so I had no clue which additional new actors I would see other than Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss. It was a fantastic surprise to see some of my favorite actors from Sense8 in it. I was fangirling all the way. Now for Morpheus 2.0, the new face looked good lol and the update was pretty cool. As for the humorless, invincible Agent Smith, he was as evil as ever and the new actor, Jonathan Groff, portrayed the crazy evil antagonist to perfection.

Overall Plot-line
The overall story was intriguing, with twists and turns that kept me hooked in. Some die-hard Matrix fans might find fault with this new installment but I for one found none. I’m not a romantic, my default mode is cynic but I found The Matrix Resurrections to be at the root, a love story – a tribute to Neo and Trinity, that deep connection between them that surmounted all odds.

That’s my conclusion and no matter what anyone else says, I enjoyed this movie a lot and I give it 5 by 5 stars.


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New Book Releases – 18 Jan 2022

Hola, Book Dragons, are you a fan of Lisa Gardner? I read one of her books The Survivor’s Club a long, long time ago (think 16 years ago and now I feel ancient lol) and it made quite an impact on me. I always meant to grab the rest of her books, but back then I didn’t have a kindle and I was still borrowing books at the library which for a tiny tropical island didn’t have a large variety.

After I did get my kindle I forgot this author until I came across the review of this new release on Micky & Hollis’ amazing blog A Take from Two Cities and it’s re-kindled my interest in her books. Much thanks, you guys!

One Step Too Far (Frankie Elkin #2) – by Lisa Gardner

Frankie Elkin, who readers first met in Before She Disappeared, learns of a young man who has gone missing in a national forest. Law enforcement has abandoned the search, but a crew of people led by the young man’s father are still looking. Sensing a father’s desperation, Frankie agrees to help–but soon sees that a missing person isn’t all that’s wrong here. And when more people start to vanish, Frankie realizes she’s up against something very dark–and she’s running out of time.

What about you guys? Any authors whom you came across ages ago and forgot all about or is it just me?


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Music Monday – 17 Jan 2022 – Something That I Already Knew – Backstreet Boys

Hey you guys, so despite a good start to January I still haven’t been able to be more consistent with blogging. Along with the lack of time, it’s like I have a block in my mind or something that’s stopping me from blogging. But being stubborn as a mule is a good thing in this case because persistence will prevail, right? If at first you don’t succeed, persist, persist, persist again. Am I right?

Alright, on to the music part. Yes, I admit it with pride, ten thousand years later I still love the Backstreet Boys as much as I did when I was sixteen lol. I think if I live long enough and the planet is hit by a meteor and if I’m lucky enough to get a seat on a lifeboat, say to Mars, all the albums of the Backstreet Boys will have a prominent place in my iPod. So future generations, prepare to be spammed with BSB on repeat! Mwahahahaha *evil laugh*

Here you go, Something That I Already Knew by the great Backstreet Boys for you guys lol. Enjoy!

Music Monday is hosted by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. Be sure to check out his awesome blog.

I miss Drew and his posts. I think he’d be one of the first people to rag me on my taste of music lol. Here’s to keeping your blog memes alive, Drew.


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New Book Releases – 04 Jan 2022

The Girl in the Mist (Misted Pines #1) – Kristen Ashley

Renowned author Delphine Larue needs a haven.
A crazed fan has gone over the deep end, and she’s not safe. Her security team has suggested a house by a lake. Secluded. Private. Far away. In a beautiful area of the Northwest close to the sleepy town of Misted Pines. It’s perfect. So perfect, Delphine has just moved in, and she’s thinking she’ll stay there forever.
Until she sees the girl in the mist.
After that, everything changes.
Delphine quickly learns that Misted Pines isn’t so sleepy. A little girl has gone missing, and the town is in the grips of terror and tragedy. The local sheriff isn’t up for the job. The citizens are up in arms. And as the case unfolds, the seedy underbelly of a quiet community is exposed, layer by layer.
But most importantly, girls are dying.
There seems to be only one man they trust to find out what’s happening.
The mysterious Cade Bohannan.

First book release I’m anticipating this month. It looks like it’s gonna be an incredible book. What about you guys? Any new releases?


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Here’s to 2022

Hey you guys, first of all, Happy New Year. Though it doesn’t look like a promising start with Omicron cases rising, right? Gotta keep going on, despite the anxiety and fears, one day at a time.

A new year, a new Me? I wish it were as easy as snapping my fingers or pressing a button. 2021 was a screwed-up year for me and I wonder if 2022 is gonna head down the same drain. I’ve always been a big believer in being able to change oneself but it feels like I’m fighting against the tide. All I can do is keep trying, keep fighting. Hopefully, better planning, right?

So the blog is the first order of business. Let’s see how I do with that. Here are my anticipated releases for this brand new year 2022:

Anticipated Book Releases for 2022

01 Mar 2022 – Phantom Game – Christine Feehan

15 Mar 2022 – Eve of Destruction – Sherrilyn Kenyon

12 Apr 2022 – Shadow Fallen – Sherrilyn Kenyon

26 Apr 2022 – Shadow Fire – Christine Feehan

3 May 2022 – Book of Night – Holly Black

24 May 2022 – Nightwork – Nora Roberts

31 May 2022 – Places We’ve Never Been – Kasie West

8 Jun 2022 – Phantom Game – Christine Feehan

23 Aug 2022 – Ruby Fever – Ilona Andrews

30 Aug 2022 – Nothing More to Tell – Karen M McManus

6 Sep 2022 – Desperation in Death – J D Robb

27 Sep 2022 – The Golden Enclaves – Naomi Novik

So, what about you guys, how are you doing? Stay safe.

~ Lyn

Here are the 3 rules for the blog meme/tag:
1 – Do the post at the start of every month.
2 – Feature your latest anticipated obsessions, ahem, releases. (Beloved books, TV shows, movies, Kdramas, a good news – anything you’re anticipating.)
3 – Credit the creator of this tag (yours truly 😉 ) & have fun!

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F Is For Friday – 03 Dec 2021

Omg it’s finally Friday! Yes and the day is over, thank God. Oof, another day in hellhole done. How about you guys? How are you dealing with this new Omicron variant? Sometimes when the days are dark and devoid of hope, I wonder if this pandemic will ever end. There doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Depressing thought, uh?

All we can do at times is endure, prepare for the worst and try, just try to have a tiny seed of hope. And be grateful for what we have, for the people we loce that are here with us.

F – Feature your latest book obsession (it doesn’t have to be your current read)

Read this in one day, not because it was a novella but I just didn’t want to stop reading it. It was too short and I want more!

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