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Music Monday – 02 July 2018 – Where You Want Me – Blue

It’s a totally lousy Monday morning. No surprise there. I seriously can’t people today. I wanted to stay at home, in my blanket fort and read. Alas, being an adult comes with obligations you can’t avoid. But music always helps. 🙂 No matter how many times I’ve listened to this song, I still love it, especially the lyrics of the chorus.

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Book Review: Vengeance In Death (In Death #6) – J.D. Robb

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Futuristic

Read Count3 times


I’m still stuck with the loathed reading slump. So what do I decide to go and do? Why, re-read the In Death series from Book 6 to 46 (I’d already re-read 1 to 5 several times previously at one point). That’s about 40 books in all, not including the novellas in between. Holy cow. What was I thinking?
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Book Review: Chesapeake Blue (Chesapeake Bay Saga #4) – Nora Roberts

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Read Count: 3 times


Seth, all grown-up. I remember when I first read the stories of the Quinn brothers. Seth was still a snot-nosed kid and Nora Roberts hadn’t written his story yet. I remember how much I wished that she’d tell us his story too and she did. Since then, I’ve read Chesapeake Blue twice and this is my third re-read.

It felt so good to read this book again, to see Seth as an adult. The Quinns saved him and changed his life, gave him a future, a family. Seth the nomad, who’d traveled and nurtured his artistic talent, been true to it. Now he’d come home, to face his past and carve a better future for himself.

Drusilla was a big part of making that happen and somehow, despite their different backgrounds, she and Seth fit like two puzzle pieces. She was the yin to his yang, straightening him up when he made a mess of things. I absolutely admired her for her independence, her clarity and her decisive way of handling a situation.

It was hilarious how Cam needled Seth over his relationship with Dru after all the grief the ten-year-old Seth had given each brother when they fell for their respective other halves.

What I loved best about Chesapeake Blue was the family moments, to see Cam with his kids and the kids themselves were a hoot. Those scenes were a delight for me. Overall, I had a blast re-reading this book.

Synopsis: It’s been a long journey. After a harrowing boyhood with his drug-addicted mother, Seth had been taken in by the Quinn family, growing up with three older brothers who’d watched over him with love. Now a grown man returning from Europe as a successful painter, Seth is settling down on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, surrounded once again by Cam, Ethan, and Phil, their wives and children, and all the blessed chaos of the extended Quinn clan. Finally, he’s back in the little blue-and-white house where there’s always a boat at the dock, a rocker on the porch, and a dog in the yard. Still, a lot has changed in St. Christopher’s since he’s been gone—and the most intriguing change of all is the presence of Dru Whitcomb Banks. A city girl who has opened a florist shop in this seaside town, she craves independence and the challenge of establishing herself without the influence of her wealthy connections. In Seth, she sees another kind of challenge—a challenge that she can’t resist.