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Crazy Stitcher

Yo! So, it’s been a crazy few days. I had a cross stitch custom order to finish and I was also still sick with the cold, so couldn’t blog. I really should start scheduling. I do draft in advance but I like adding something specific, like moods or what the day is like or if something funny happened lol.

Here are the cross stitch custom orders I finished:



If anyone’s interested in a custom order, you can always email me here or my Etsy shop.


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Counted Cross Stitch Mania

It feels good to be doing something that brings me joy. I love counted cross-stitch. It’s mindless work and when you’re in the groove, it’s just you and your project. It can be pretty cool, when it’s not frustrating if things don’t go your way, lol.

The counting soothes my OCD mind and I love how bright the threads look. Here’s my latest project – custom order for a friend. I had fun designing the names. 🙂


So, whatcha think, people? 😉


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A Book Dragon in Stitches (Literally)

I’m not actually doubled over with laughter to the point of pain but I am literally mired in stitches, or I should say, cross stitch.

Let me give you a bit of the backstory first. Being bipolar type 2, I tend to get “obsessions”. During these manic phases, I’m often struck with creative flights of ideas and sudden inspirations which then lead to new hobbies and compulsive behavior regarding those hobbies. For example, my mind can be plagued for days (even weeks) over the new hobby and the need to buy stuff or spend hours on the project to the exclusion of everything else. Continue reading “A Book Dragon in Stitches (Literally)”