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Book Review: Dragonsworn (Dark-Hunter #28) – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Out of the three dragon brothers—grouchy, grumpy Falcyn is my favorite. I got to see him in only a few scenes but I totally had a case on him from the first time he was introduced. I couldn’t wait for when his book would be out and I’d know his story. Plus, I liked that this latest book continued from Dragonmark.

Falcyn was a ferocious dragon who was just fine with his surly, sarcastic attitude. He didn’t give a damn what others thought of him—he just roared and burned his own path through life and his enemies. I love his style!

I finally learned his past and why he was so pissed at Max. That he had cause to be angry at the whole world for losing what he’d loved most.

Medea was as badly scarred as he was, as fiercely strong, as powerful a warrior, as reluctant to bear the pain of caring again. Both of them are wicked cool. Perfect match made in heaven, anyone? 😉 They fit together like two puzzle pieces. I enjoyed their interactions a lot.

Also, Dragonsworn marked a merging of the Dark Hunter and Avalon worlds even more than the previous two books and I found myself keen to read Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Lords of Avalon series that she wrote under the pen-name Kinley MacGregor. The ending rounded the story nicely, with a cliff-hanger for Stygian.

Synopsis: There is nothing in the universe the cursed dragon, Falcyn, hates more than humanity . . . and in particular, Greek humans. In a war he wanted no part of, they systematically destroyed everything he’d ever cared for. Now he lies in seclusion, away from the world and waits for the day when evolution will finally rid him of the human vermin. Medea was born the granddaughter of the Greek god Apollo, and among the first of his people that he cursed to die. But she will not let anyone rule her life. Not even her notorious grandfather. And when Apollo sends a new plague to destroy what remains of her people, she refuses to standby and watch him take everything she loves from her again. This time, she knows of a secret weapon that can stop the ancient god and his army of demons. Once and for all. However, said device is in the hands of a dragon who wants nothing to do with politics, the gods, humanity, demons or Greek Apollites. And especially not her. He is the immovable object. My enemy’s enemy . . . When Apollo makes a strategic move that backfires, he forces Falcyn back into play. Now Medea either has the weapon she needs to save her people, or she’s unleashed total Armageddon. If she can’t find some way to control the dragon before it’s too late, Falcyn will be an even worse plague on the world than the one Apollo has set loose. But how can anyone control a demonic dragon whose sole birthright is total destruction?


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