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New Book Releases – 21 June 2022

Hola, Book Dragons, new book release today – a comeback from an author I hadn’t heard from for a long time.

National Book Award–winning author Robin Benway returns with an ambitious I’ll Give You the Sun meets Every Day story of love, loss, and sisterhood told in a reverse chronological narrative that will claim a permanent home in your heart.
It’s been a year—a year of missing Nina. A year of milestones—holidays, birthdays, everything without her.
Leo feels like she should remember what happened that night. But all she knows is that she left the party and got into a car with Nina and Nina’s boyfriend, East.
East, who once promised Nina he’d watch out for her younger sister. East, who has been trying to keep that promise every day since. But East won’t give Leo the one thing she wants—the one thing she needs. He won’t tell her anything about the accident. He won’t talk about that night at all.
As the days tumble one into the next, Leo’s story comes together while her world falls apart. The only constant is the one person who can help her bear the enormous weight of her love for Nina—and East might be carrying too heavy a load of his own.
Robin Benway’s signature exploration of love, family, and finding yourself is on display in her most ambitious story yet.

What about you guys? Any new releases you’re anticipating today?

Stay tuned.


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Book Review: Audrey, Wait! – Robin Benway

Rating: 5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Genre: Young Adult, ContemporaryRomantic ComedyRom-Com

Read Count: 3


This was my third re-read of this book over the years and it still made me fall all over for it. Audrey’s a high school girl whose boyfriend wrote a song about their breakup. He titled it Audrey, Wait!, and to her misfortune the song turned out to be so good, it became famous. Suddenly, she’s popular at school, everyone wants to be around her and the paparazzi are hounding her. And all she did was break up with him. Continue reading “Book Review: Audrey, Wait! – Robin Benway”