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Book Review: This Eternity of Masks and Shadows – Karsten Knight

Rating: 4/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, LGBTQ, LGBT


In a world where Gods reincarnate as humans, Cairn is an 18-year-old whose life used to be normal and her worries that of a simple teen. Then she lost her mother in what looked like suicide. Her life fell apart and she spiraled into a dark place, hell-bent on self-destructing. Until she unearthed secrets her mother had been keeping. As she dug deeper, she found out there was a lot more to her mother’s death than she realized. Continue reading “Book Review: This Eternity of Masks and Shadows – Karsten Knight”

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TYCR – 13 June 2020 – This Eternity of Masks and Shadows – Karsten Knight

Hola, Book Dragons, how are you? Whatcha reading? I have to say I really love this blog meme I created. (Can you see the modesty? 😉 ) It’s so perfect for when I don’t have inspiration for a blog post and it allows me to publicize books a lot more.

This Eternity of Masks and Shadows – Karsten Knight

eternity of masks & shadows

In a city of gods and mortals, secrets never die.

The gods walk among us. Some lurk in the shadows, masquerading as mortals; others embrace their celebrity status, launching careers from Hollywood to Capitol Hill.

One of them just murdered Cairn Delacroix’s mother.

As Cairn sifts through the rubble, she uncovers a conspiracy two decades in the making: a cursed island, the fellowship of gods who journeyed there, and the unspeakable act that intertwined their fates. One by one, the members of that voyage are dying, and Cairn’s investigations land her in the crosshairs of the rogue goddess responsible.

With the help of Nanook, a polar bear god turned detective, Cairn descends into Boston’s underworld of supernatural crime and political aspiration. To avenge her mother and unmask her assassin, she’ll first have to reckon with a gut-wrenching secret that will rewrite the life she thought she knew. Continue reading “TYCR – 13 June 2020 – This Eternity of Masks and Shadows – Karsten Knight”

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New Book Releases – 09 Jun 2020

Hola, Book Dragons! Any new releases you’re anticipating today? I am! When I read The Vine Witch last year, I never thought I’d get approved for the sequel on Netgalley. 🙂

The Glamourist (The Vine Witch #2) – Luanne G. Smith


A spellbinding novel of bloodlines, self-discovery, and redemption by the author of the Washington Post bestseller The Vine Witch.

Abandoned as a child in turn-of-the-century Paris, Yvette Lenoir has longed to uncover the secrets of her magical heritage and tap her suppressed powers. But what brave and resourceful Yvette has done to survive the streets has made her a fugitive. With a price on her head, she clings to a memento from her past—what she believes to be a grimoire inherited from the mother she never knew. To unlock the secrets of her past, Yvette trusts in one woman to help solve the arcane riddles among its charmed pages.

Elena Boureanu is the vine witch of Château Renard, noted for its renowned wines. Even as she struggles with her own bloodline—and its poisonous threat to her future—Elena can’t ignore a friend on the run. Joined by a cunning thief, the proprietor of an enchanted-curio shop, and a bewitching black cat, Elena and Yvette are determined to decode Yvette’s mysterious keepsake. But what restless magic will be unleashed? And what are Yvette and Elena willing to risk to become the witches they were destined to be?

What about you guys? Is this book on your TBR? Have you read the first book, The Vine Witch?


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New Book Releases – 26 May 2020

Hola, Book Dragons! I got 3 new goodies for you today. I still can’t believe I got approved for my first-ever Nora Roberts ARC from Netgalley! You guys are in a for a treat with Hideaway.

Happy Book Birthday to these beauties!

1. Hideaway – Nora Roberts


A family ranch in Big Sur country and a legacy of Hollywood royalty set the stage for Nora Roberts’ emotional new suspense novel.

Caitlyn Sullivan, a daughter of Hollywood royalty, was already a star at ten, but still loved to play hide-and-seek with her cousins at the family home in Big Sur. It was during one of those games that she disappeared.

Despite her glamorous background, Cate was a shrewd, scrappy survivor, and she managed to escape her abductors. Dillon Cooper was shocked to find the bruised and terrified girl huddled in his ranch house kitchen—but when the teenager and his family heard her story they provided refuge and comfort, reuniting her with her loved ones.

Cate’s ordeal, though, was far from over. First came the discovery of a betrayal that would send someone she’d trusted to prison. Then there were years away in Ireland, sheltered and protected but with restlessness growing in her soul. Then, finally, she returned to Los Angeles, hoping to act again and get past the trauma that had derailed her life. What she didn’t yet know was that two seeds had been planted that long-ago night—one of a great love, and one of a terrible vengeance… Continue reading “New Book Releases – 26 May 2020”

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ARC Book Review: Hideaway – Nora Roberts

Rating: 5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Suspense


Hideaway is the story of Cate Sullivan, the prodigy of a famous Hollywood family. She is kidnapped as a child and that trauma, with its underlying hurtful revelations, ripples throughout her life, re-shaping it from what could have to what can be, disrupting her set path, affecting not just her but her entire family and that of Dillon Cooper’s and forcing her to turn into a new direction.

I have to say upfront, I couldn’t believe it when I was lucky enough to get approved for the ARC of this book. Nora Roberts is my favorite author in the world. Her books saved my life, shaped my future and I can’t thank her enough for her stories. So I was over the moon when I got the ARC. My first ever Nora Roberts ARC! I was both excited and terrified to read Hideaway. The excited part is easy to understand but dread because, what if I hated the book? Or what if the story didn’t speak to me? My principles wouldn’t allow me to give a less than honest opinion. I can’t in good faith ever fake a positive review when I don’t like the book. But thankfully, my fears turned out to be groundless. Continue reading “ARC Book Review: Hideaway – Nora Roberts”

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TYCR – 10 May 2020 – Hideaway – Nora Roberts

Hola, Book Dragons, can you believe I was drafting this post last night to schedule it for today and then I left to wash the dishes and when I came back, the post had published itself? With all the mistakes that still needed correcting. *groan* I mean, what the hell? Does my laptop have a ghost or something? This does not bode well, especially after the ghost nightmare I had on Saturday. Continue reading “TYCR – 10 May 2020 – Hideaway – Nora Roberts”

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My Netgalley Haul

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post for my Netgalley haul and I’ve been approved for 15 books! Whoa! But the extraordinary thing is that for the first time ever, I got a Nora Roberts’ ARC!

As those who know me well can attest to, I am a big fan of Nora Roberts. It’s always bummed me that I never got approved for ARCs of any of her books. But at last, my life has meaning lol. 

Here are my latest approvals: Continue reading “My Netgalley Haul”

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ARC Book Review: Beasts of the Frozen Sun (Frozen Sun Saga #1) – Jill Criswell

Rating: 5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy


This book was in one word amazing. But I’m getting way ahead of myself. Let’s start chronologically. First, the book cover, which is gorgeous! It was the cover that drew me first and then the blurb held my attention.

Second, writing style. The author’s writing style is so on point with beautiful prose that was a pleasure to read. I fell down the rabbit hole from the first page and kept going deeper and deeper until it was vital for me to get to the end of the book before I could do anything else. The world-building was so rich with vivid detail that I felt like I was there with Lira, living her life.

The main characters Lira and Reyker were both compelling characters. Throughout the book, I was like a cheerleader waving my pom-pom in the air, cheering for them. All their troubles, everything they went through, I couldn’t believe they’d survive it. This book make me experience so many emotions I was soaked in them.

The plot-line was excellent with twists and turns that caught me like sudden tennis balls winging at my head. Every time I thought they’d make it, something worse happened. They just couldn’t seem to catch a break. And the revelations? Boy, I so did not see them coming.

To summarize, this was a splendid book with a fantastic story-line that will keep you on the edge of your seat, biting your fingernails and deprive you of sleep, food and drink until you finish it. I can’t wait for the sequel.

***Note: Received from Netgalley for an honest review.

Burn brightly. Love fiercely. For all else is dust. Every child of Glasnith learns the last words of Aillira, the god-gifted mortal whose doomed love affair sparked a war of gods and men, and Lira of clan Stone knows the story better than most. As a descendant of Aillira and god-gifted in her own right, she has the power to read people’s souls, to see someone’s true essence with only a touch of her hand. When a golden-haired warrior washes up on the shores of her homeland–one of the fearful marauders from the land of the Frozen Sun–Lira helps the wounded man instead of turning him in. After reading his soul, she realizes Reyker is different than his brethren who attack the coasts of Glasnith. He confides in her that he’s been cursed with what his people call battle-madness, forced to fight for the warlord known as the Dragon, a powerful tyrant determined to reignite the ancient war that Aillira started. As Lira and Reyker form a bond forbidden by both their clans, the wrath of the Dragon falls upon them and all of Glasnith, and Lira finds herself facing the same tragic fate as her ancestor. The battle for Lira’s life, for Reyker’s soul, and for their peoples’ freedom has only just begun.

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Book Review: Vicious (Sinners of Saint #1) – L.J. Shen

Rating: 2/5 🌟🌟

Genre: Contemporary Romance (contains Explicit Content)


First off, I should point out that L.J. Shen’s a new author for me and I really liked her book, Scandalous. The writing was raw and the forbidden romance well done in Scandalous. Sadly, Vicious was a bit of a letdown. Continue reading “Book Review: Vicious (Sinners of Saint #1) – L.J. Shen”