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26 Jan 2023 – Multilingual anyone?

Hola, Dragons, one day closer to Friday, yay! I am so done with this week. On the other hand, I had a lot of fun reading two good Dean Koontz books this week so that’s always a plus.

What language do you wish you could speak?

Korean, Chinese, Japanese! Sensing a theme? 😉 I grew up watching Jackie Chan movies, and one of my best friends is Chinese so of course I gravitated toward it. Then I got into manga and anime and it was Japanese. Now I’m mostly into Kdrama so Korean is my current obsession. I just love the sound of the Korean and Japanese languages – they feel melodious. But I’ve always wanted to learn other languages as well, like Irish.

Korean, Chinese, and Japanese are on my list to learn one day, soon I hope. At this time, I currently speak 4 languages – French, English, Mauritian Creole & Hindi. I also hope to learn ASL if I can.

What about you guys? Are you good with languages? Are there any you want to learn?

Stay tuned.