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Monthly Wrap-Up – February 2023

Hola, Book Dragons! How are you all faring with February gone? I hope you’re all doing well and not suffering from the agony of an existential crisis. Yep, that’s my default as a norm lol.

February wasn’t bad, though I was more in a morbid mood than in the frame for romance lol so it was mostly Dean Koontz books for me, which I still have to review.

I quite enjoyed Secretly Yours, Leopard’s Scar, Reckless Road & Hideaway.

What about you guys, how was February for you?

Stay tuned.


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January Wrap-Up – 31 Jan 2023

Hola, Book Dragons, last day of January. The time zipped by so fast, I feel like the month was over even before it started lol.

Reading Front:

I started out being productive, hit a slump, then I messed up my sleep schedule again when I stayed up late re-reading Enchantment of Ravens. On the bright side, I managed to read 12 books this month, and might even finish off #13 before tonight.

Blog Front:

I did more posts this month than I usually do and had a good time with the Bloganuary prompts. Let’s hope I manage to stay productive during the coming months.

What about you guys, how was January for you?

Stay tuned.


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Monthly Wrap-Up – February 2022

Hola, Book Dragons! February’s over, can you believe it? Well, it was kind of a slumpy month for me but here’s my wrap-up.

I read only 3 books but one of them, 10 Blind Dates, was pretty amazing and a new In Death book was released so I had my dose of Eve and Roarke. 🙂

I loved 10 Blind Dates! It was a super-fun book.

Blog-wise I mostly did my weekly posts and finally did my review for Fated Blades and I’m quite pleased with the bookstagram shot. 🙂

What about you guys, how was February for you?

Stay tuned.


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Monthly Wrap-Up – January 2022

Hola, Book Dragons! Can you believe I’m doing a monthly wrap-up after almost 2 years? That’s how badly I tanked in my blogging. But hopefully, this is just the first of 12 monthly wrap-ups. So here’s my January wrap-up.

Reading Front:

I started Vespertine at the end of Dec and buddy-read it with my bestie. Stay tuned for my review. And though The Mediator series is an old favorite series for me, I feel good that I read 9 books in January.

Blog Front:

I did 14 posts and I know it doesn’t sound a lot but I feel like it’s a good start. I think that it’s important to pat yourself on your back for even the smallest of accomplishments. 🙂 Here are my 2 book reviews and 1 movie review for January:

What about you guys, how was January for you?

Stay tuned.


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Monthly Wrap-Up – October 2019

Goodbye, October! Only two months left to this year. Reading-wise, October was pretty good for me. I read 33 books in all! IKR! It’s the first time ever I’ve read that many books in one month. It’s pretty amazing and all thanks to my bookish journal which I started back in July. 🙂

I still have a long way to go till Dec as you can see by my GR challenge stats: 

Picture3 Continue reading “Monthly Wrap-Up – October 2019”

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Monthly Wrap-Up – August 2019

Time for the monthly wrap-up. Can’t believe eight months are already gone. Wasn’t it just new year? When did it get to be September? Ah, well, gotta move on. So, reading-wise, I managed to plow through 13 books. Looks like there’s some hope for me yet.

7 books by Sarah Dessen (The Rest of the Story, Just Listen, Saint Anything, Along for the Ride, That Summer, This Lullaby, The Moon and More)


I’m calling this month my Sarah Dessen month. I was in a YA contemporary mood and some were good, some not so good but they were fast reads. One thing that’s pretty awesome about Sarah Dessen’s books is the insightful writing, with deep meaningful sentences that made her words a pleasure to read. Continue reading “Monthly Wrap-Up – August 2019”

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Monthly Wrap-Up – July 2019

Another month that was an epic fail! Where did the time go? I barely read 6 books in all during the month! But I did manage to finish my backlog of Netgalley books and I was up-to-date with my reviews so I’ll take that as a win for now.

Here are the books I read in July:

1. Spinning Silver – Naomi Novik

This was a re-read. I was missing Miryem and the Staryk Lord and it was good to return back to this story. I enjoyed it all the more. I last read it at about the same time one year ago, give or take a few days. 😉

2. Pretty Reckless – L.J. Shen

I started this book on a whim, while I was stuck at my cousin’s Indian wedding (the rituals can drag hours and my phone was my sole survival option) and I got so hooked that I have no idea when the time passed and the wedding was over. This book is raw with messy characters full of flaws and it was pretty good.

3. Beasts of The Frozen Sun – Jill Criswell

Nice little gem I found on Netgalley and got approved for. I loved this book. I have rotten luck with Netgalley books – I always get approved for the ones whose stories turn out to be boring and a drag but in this one, things just kept happening over and over again. It was a rollercoaster ride. Release date is 06 August 2019 so if you love YA Fantasy, grab this book. You won’t regret it.

4. Bound by Blood – Cynthia Eden

Another re-read. A novella that I sadly did not enjoy as much as I did the first time. I think I was getting the beginnings of a reading slump.

5. An Enchantment of Ravens – Margaret Rogerson

This book! What can I say about it? It was so awesome it left me in a book hangover afterwards. It’s a fantastic story that I enjoyed a lot.

6. Wicked Fox – Kat Cho

When you look at that awesome cover, you think, this must be a dynamic story, right? Wrong! It was so slow-paced and the main character annoyed me so much I wanted to drop it. Wicked Fox was a disappointing end to my July.

On the blogging front, I managed to stick to my blog memes and finished 4 reviews. Not as productive as I’d expected but still, acceptable.

How about you? How did your month go?

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Monthly Wrap-Up – June 2019

I’m a few days late with my June wrap-up but here it is. 🙂 Well, June wasn’t any better than May. I only read about 7 books and I’m 26 books behind my yearly challenge on Goodreads. Oh, boy.

1. The Devil’s Own (Murphy’s Law, #1) – K. A. Fox


I got this book from Netgalley and at first it looked good but turned out to be disappointing.

2. Shadow Warrior (Shadow Riders, #4) – Christine Feehan


Another book that was a bit disappointing. I’m not a prude but the sex scenes were just too much. And a bit of a turn off for me. 😕

3. The Kiss Thief – L.J. Shen


This book started out so well but I hated how Francesca fucked up in the end, how immature she acted and how she didn’t defend Wolfe when she should have and just watched. Totally tanked the whole story.

4. Treachery in Death (In Death, #32) – J.D. Robb

12 times and this book is still as much fun as the first time I read it.

5. The Year of Shadows – Claire Legrand


6. Sorcery of Thorns – Margaret Rogerson

Solid good book.

7. Midnight Bite – Cynthia Eden


The plot-line was pretty good but the story lacked the depth I enjoy from Cynthia Eden’s books even in her novellas.

On the blogging front, I only did one review and have 2-3 pending! Hope you guys had a better, more productive month than I did.

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Monthly Wrap-Up – May 2019

I should start with, May was a total disaster. Yep, 31 days gone just like that, a snap of my fingers. My read count was sadly low. I only read 8 books and I’m 15 books behind my Goodreads challenge. Oh, boy, I need to get my act together.

1-3 – Vicious, RuckusScandalous (Sinners of Saint, 1-3) by L.J. Shen

I read L.J. Shen’s book Scandalous back in January, I think and I liked it a lot. So when I saw Vicious on Netgalley, of course I requested it. Got approved for it too (which will never cease to surprise me). However, Vicious and Ruckus were both 2 stars for me. I just couldn’t like the main characters.

4. Audrey, Wait! – Robin Benway


Audrey, Wait! was a re-read for me, the 3rd time over the years and it was as witty and hilarious as the first time. I had a blast re-reading it.

5. A Vampire’s Christmas Carol – Cynthia Eden


This was a novella and a 2-star rating for me.

6. One of Us Is Lying (One of Us is Lying, #1) & 7. Two Can Keep a Secret
Karen McManus

A new author for me. I enjoyed One Of Us Is Lying a lot. Two Can Keep A Secret wasn’t as great as One Of Us Is Lying but it was a good book. (Does this sentence seem strange to you? With the titles of the books and all, I’ve been staring at this sentence for the past 10 minutes lol.)

8. Can’t Get Enough (Original Heartbreakers, #6) Gena Showalter


And a steamy, witty romance to round off May. I finally read a book by Gena Showalter. I have her YA series on my Kindle which I have yet to read but with Can’t Get Enough, I enjoyed her writing a lot. It was witty and fun and very entertaining.

New Blog Meme
I started a new blog meme, Whatcha Doin’ Wednesday, to celebrate Mental Health. It’s a simple meme designed to make you take a moment and assess your emotions and state of well-being. So often, we don’t stop to think how we are and taking that one moment, to just stop and think and breathe can change your outlook and maybe, improve it.

Well, that’s it for May, folks, 8 books in all and a teensy-eensy new blog meme.