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Monthly Ephemerals – February 2023

Hola, Book Dragons, February 1st! One down, 2nd practically over even as it’s started, 10 more months to go. “From the moment we are born, we begin to die.” Ain’t that the truth! I’m in a morbid mood lol. Blame it on my current obsession to read as many Dean Koontz books as I can.

My Latest Ephemeral

No fun Kdramas for me this month, but I’m stoked about Teen Wolf: The Movie (2023). After all the rumors, I can’t believe the movie’s actually been released. The trailer looks pretty amazing and I can’t wait to watch it.

Anticipated New Book Releases




What about you guys? What are you excited about?

Stay tuned.


Here are the 3 rules for the blog meme:
1 – Do the post at the start of every month.
2 – Feature your latest short-lived obsessions, ahem, ephemerals. (Beloved books, TV shows, movies, Kdramas, a good news – anything you’re anticipating.)
3 – Credit the creator of this tag (yours truly 😉 ) & have fun!