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Counted Cross Stitch Mania

It feels good to be doing something that brings me joy. I love counted cross-stitch. It’s mindless work and when you’re in the groove, it’s just you and your project. It can be pretty cool, when it’s not frustrating if things don’t go your way, lol.

The counting soothes my OCD mind and I love how bright the threads look. Here’s my latest project – custom order for a friend. I had fun designing the names. 🙂


So, whatcha think, people? 😉


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A Book Dragon in Stitches (Literally)

I’m not actually doubled over with laughter to the point of pain but I am literally mired in stitches, or I should say, cross stitch.

Let me give you a bit of the backstory first. Being bipolar type 2, I tend to get “obsessions”. During these manic phases, I’m often struck with creative flights of ideas and sudden inspirations which then lead to new hobbies and compulsive behavior regarding those hobbies. For example, my mind can be plagued for days (even weeks) over the new hobby and the need to buy stuff or spend hours on the project to the exclusion of everything else. Continue reading “A Book Dragon in Stitches (Literally)”

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Still Kickin’

I am not dead. Don’t worry, people, this is not a ghostly note from the grave (though if I could do it when I’m dead, I totally would 😉 ). I had another bout of depression where the apathy had me in its grip so I let things go, didn’t really care if I went on or not, if I wrote or not.

I’ve shaken off that insidious snake (for now). Let’s see how long this period of clarity lasts, shall we? I’m determined to keep fighting, to try to stay stronger, to never give up. You know, this year’s International Women’s Day Campaign theme was #BalanceforBetter which was mostly targeted at a more gender-balanced world and equality. I’m all for that but I also think “Balance for Better” is more, that it can be a way of life. I think, everyone, woman or man, should strive for that balance in their lives. Continue reading “Still Kickin’”

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Dance, fun or torture?

Lately, I’ve realized something awful — I stopped dancing. I used to love to dance. Just put on the music at home and let the beat sing in my veins and move. Just let go. I don’t know what happened or when I stopped dancing—did I become self-conscious? I can’t remember the last time I put the music on loud and danced.

grow old.jpg

These days if I put the music on loud, it’s mostly when I’m doing chores. I think it helps me get through my chores (I could get a prize for procrastination) if I’ve got music in the background and of course, you can hear me belting it out loud. My neighbors probably wonder who’s the cat screaming next door.

What is it about music that it lifts us from our mundane lives and makes us feel like we’re in a vid where we’re our own rock star? If there’s anything that comes even close to magic, it’s music. The people who create music from notes and instruments, from their voice—those artists, they’re the magicians.

And dance? That’s another art that has the power to make us feel like we’re more. There is such joy in dancing. Such fun.

not sure happy dance

After my epiphany (how I wasn’t dancing anymore), I decided to make a more conscious effort this time and try some dance choreographies. You’ve heard of 1MILLION DANCE STUDIO? You must have. They have an amazing channel on youtube and their dance choreographies are pretty awesome, especially Junsun Yoo. They’re based in Seoul, South Korea (too bad for me. If I was living in Seoul, South Korea, I’d be camping on their doorstep).

Even though I love dancing, I’ve never gone far enough to try to learn a choreography and actually learn some cool dance moves. I thought what’s a better way to get back to dancing than to learn a cool choreography, especially of your favorite songs?

So, I rolled back my sleeves and did my first practice session. I’m trying to learn one of the beginner choreographies, after warming up and everything. Holy Mother of God. Did I say I loved dancing? My body’s like a block of wood. My movements, awkward. Pinocchio has nothing on me. I’m like a wooden puppet pulled by strings.

I don’t remember dancing being so hard.

But when I got through the first hour (yes, you heard me—it took me an hour to learn the first 10 steps—and this is Beginners’ dancing), I did feel a change. My body wasn’t as wooden as when I first started. I don’t know yet if I’ll ever get back to when my body felt so loose when I was dancing but at least, I’m trying.why be moodyMusic and Dance are two of the best creations in the world. I believe that even as we grow older, we should keep singing, keep dancing, no matter what’s happening in our lives. Our problems will still be there but what will change is Us. We’ll be better for it, stronger. Our bodies looser, stress-free. Our minds, lighter. Isn’t that worth something?

worth it


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Introvert and proud

When I was a kid, I always thought there was something wrong with me. My family would try to drag me to family gatherings or parties and all I wanted to do was just stay at home in my pjs and read a book.

I’ve been told often enough that I’m anti-social. Why would I want to stay at home when I could have fun at a family party or wedding? There had to be something wrong with me.

I was labelled weird.

Now that I’m older and, wiser I hope, I know there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just an introvert. So I like to stay at home and read or watch a movie or binge on tv shows and kdramas instead of going out. So I like to be alone a lot with my own thoughts instead of the noise of other people.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

I’m an introvert and proud of it. I love books, and reading gives me the ability to transport myself to another world, where I can be anyone I want to be. I can battle against evil and vanquish it. In that world, good always wins as it so often doesn’t in the real world.


Did you know—when a good book transports you to its world, and you come back from it just a tad disoriented, wondering where you are or who you are—you just got rid of a boatload of stress from your shoulders? True. You come out of a good book relaxed and recharged.sometimes I 4get

We introverts are so often misunderstood, especially by family. Some think we’re weird. Some think they got saddled with an anomaly. Some think we’re shy (some of us are shy yes but on subjects that interest us, you won’t be able to get us to shut up). What they don’t know is that we’re introverts and we’re okay with that. We are deep thinkers, often daydreamers. We view the world differently and there is nothing wrong with that.

Why I am proud to be an Introvert:

  1. I see more and that’s my super-power. I see beauty where others don’t, colors where others are color-blind.
  2. I have a high level of concentration (which when you’re making origami is a must).
  3. I can sit in a crowded place with a good book and immerse myself in that world to the point where I can ignore/forget my surroundings. (This is a big help especially when your coworkers are hypocrites and backstabbers.)
  4. I don’t care what others think of me, and that’s terrific because it allows me to be who I am.
  5. I am thoughtful and self-analyze myself so I know my weaknesses and how to eradicate them or at least learn to control them.
  6. I can go on and on about the many reasons why, but the simplest is that I am not fake and I like who I am. How many people can say that about themselves?

For those who don’t know, this is how you care for your introverts:

  1. If you see them reading a good book, don’t disturb them. You’ll likely rip them from the world they’re in and that’s bound to be painful. (Ouch!)
  2. Let them think in silence, don’t pollute them with the noise of chit-chat. They’re likely to overload and explode. (Ka-boom!)
  3. Talk to them about things that interest them and they’ll talk to you. (especially bookworms like moi, who won’t stop once you get us started on what we love)
  4. Give them their alone time to recharge. Being alone for us introverts is a must, not a fear. We like our own company and the quiet solitude is an energizer for us.
  5. Don’t expect fast answers from us, we tend to think it through before we answer. (Don’t worry, we don’t take ages to reply unless we forgot to.)introvert autoresponse
  6. Text or email. DO NOT CALL. We’d rather be eaten alive by a T-Rex than talk on the phone.
  7. Respect their privacy and their need for solitude.
  8. Don’t ignore their obvious hints for quiet time. (Go away!)
  9. Don’t belittle them or begrudge them for being an introvert. It’s hurtful.
  10. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL – DON’T TRY TO CHANGE THEM INTO AN EXTROVERT. They’re perfect the way they are.

So, not bad for a first written post, uh? 😉