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Monthly Wrap-Up – August 2019

Time for the monthly wrap-up. Can’t believe eight months are already gone. Wasn’t it just new year? When did it get to be September? Ah, well, gotta move on. So, reading-wise, I managed to plow through 13 books. Looks like there’s some hope for me yet.

7 books by Sarah Dessen (The Rest of the Story, Just Listen, Saint Anything, Along for the Ride, That Summer, This Lullaby, The Moon and More)


I’m calling this month my Sarah Dessen month. I was in a YA contemporary mood and some were good, some not so good but they were fast reads. One thing that’s pretty awesome about Sarah Dessen’s books is the insightful writing, with deep meaningful sentences that made her words a pleasure to read. Continue reading “Monthly Wrap-Up – August 2019”