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Here’s to 2022

Hey you guys, first of all, Happy New Year. Though it doesn’t look like a promising start with Omicron cases rising, right? Gotta keep going on, despite the anxiety and fears, one day at a time.

A new year, a new Me? I wish it were as easy as snapping my fingers or pressing a button. 2021 was a screwed-up year for me and I wonder if 2022 is gonna head down the same drain. I’ve always been a big believer in being able to change oneself but it feels like I’m fighting against the tide. All I can do is keep trying, keep fighting. Hopefully, better planning, right?

So the blog is the first order of business. Let’s see how I do with that. Here are my anticipated releases for this brand new year 2022:

Anticipated Book Releases for 2022

01 Mar 2022 – Phantom Game – Christine Feehan

15 Mar 2022 – Eve of Destruction – Sherrilyn Kenyon

12 Apr 2022 – Shadow Fallen – Sherrilyn Kenyon

26 Apr 2022 – Shadow Fire – Christine Feehan

3 May 2022 – Book of Night – Holly Black

24 May 2022 – Nightwork – Nora Roberts

31 May 2022 – Places We’ve Never Been – Kasie West

8 Jun 2022 – Phantom Game – Christine Feehan

23 Aug 2022 – Ruby Fever – Ilona Andrews

30 Aug 2022 – Nothing More to Tell – Karen M McManus

6 Sep 2022 – Desperation in Death – J D Robb

27 Sep 2022 – The Golden Enclaves – Naomi Novik

So, what about you guys, how are you doing? Stay safe.

~ Lyn

Here are the 3 rules for the blog meme/tag:
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2 – Feature your latest anticipated obsessions, ahem, releases. (Beloved books, TV shows, movies, Kdramas, a good news – anything you’re anticipating.)
3 – Credit the creator of this tag (yours truly 😉 ) & have fun!