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Hey guys, how’s it going? June ended up being a shitty month. You know how you let yourself go a day or two or three and suddenly the month’s just gone and you’re left bewildered over how you let that happen. If you’re wondering, that’s me right now. I hope ya’ all are faring better.

I’ve been thinking about something for awhile now. I don’t know if it’s the depression talking or if it’s just the regular-weird-old-me. Every time I’ve felt down, or someone made me feel inferior or I’ve been mowed down by adversity or bad stuff in my life, I’ve turned to inspirational quotes I’ve saved, or words of wisdom by people who experienced difficult traumatic experiences and came out of it stronger. It’s always boosted me and helped me stand up again.

But what if all this time I’ve just been deluding myself? What if the encouragement, the inspiration from the sayings and quotes wasn’t real? What if I was only trying to feel better about myself when in reality I’m just seeing things as I want them to be and not AS THEY ARE?

Just to give a few examples:
1 – It’s just a bad day, not a bad life. (But what if it is a bad life?)
2 – Believe in yourself and you’ll be unstoppable. (Yeah, right, give me a break.)
3 – There’s magic in you. (Nope, I’m just an empty shell.)

I can go on and on, and debug every inspirational quote especially the ones about staying positive, even in the midst of the most depressing moments in life.

The one quote I’ve always found, without any shred of doubt, to be absolutely true is something that Sherrilyn Kenyon always says, “There are three sides to every story. Yours. Theirs. And the truth that isn’t clouded by human emotions that filter everything.”

So I’m always going to be biased because I’m only seeing my side of the truth and not the unvarnished truth, the reality of my life. And my mind can’t accept that. My mind wants clarity and keeps questioning everything over and over again.

Why am I like this? Why do I do these things? Why am I so slow in everything? Why, why, why? Who am I really? Every time I think I know, something derails me and throws me in for a loop.

Have I sent you spiralling into an existential crisis yet? If you hang around, I’ll get to you sooner or later.

~ Lyn

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Book Dragon Quirks Vol. 01

Hola, Book Dragons! How is everyone on this Saturday? I didn’t have any blog posts scheduled for today and I was wondering what to write about. You see, I’ve set a goal for myself to try to publish a blog post every day. So far, I’m on an 8-day streak. If I miss one day, I’ll have to start all over again. *groan*

I haven’t written on this topic before and I’d say it was high time I did, right? Here’s my list of the snafus that come with being a Book Dragon aka bookworm problems to some.

1. Real-life intrusions
My dream life: Reading All Day Long, All Night Long. Alas, real life has to be a PITA and intrude with all the chores, meals, and for god’s sake, having to work for a living! 😉 Who’s with me?

2. Book Dragon aka Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
“It’s 10 p.m.—I’ll read for half an hour before bed.
4 hours later—I can’t believe I read till 2 a.m.!”
Yeah, right, I’m not kidding anyone. I knew I was lying when I told myself I’d just read for half an hour. Why can’t I stop lying to myself?

3. Waiting is torture
My name is Lyn and I am an Obsessionoholic. Yes, I recognize I have a problem with obsession and no, there’s no cure. My obsessive-compulsive nature does not discriminate—it gets obsessed with any anticipated release or with any book cover. (Total book cover slut here. *wave*)
When I can’t get approved for the ARC, desperation is thy middle name. I die a slow, torturous death every day while waiting for the book to finally, finally be released. (September 1st, when will you get here? When will I get my hands on Dark Song? Please, please, please…)

4. A Book Dragon with its coveted loot
I love hardbacks of my favorite books and even if I never read them after I buy them (I’m anal about keeping my collection in perfect condition so I tend to read on my Kindle mostly), I still need to have them. And don’t even think about touching my books or asking to borrow. I instantly transform into Gollum. “Precious, my precious.” Plus, I can’t resist bookmarks. I can have thousands of bookmarks and it still won’t be enough. Any bookish item that fancies me, I need to have. Think Smaug with OCD.

5. ARC requests and approvals
I have both a NetGalley and an Edelweiss account. I get obsessed with requesting books I’m dying to read but as soon as I request and get approved, I wait until almost publication day to read the book and I also get obsessed by other ARCs I requested but did not get approved for yet. *face-palm* Why am I like this?

So, peeps, these are my 5 major headaches as a Book Dragon. What are yours?


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Undervalued YA Books Vol. 1

Hola, Book Dragons! Let’s talk about some undervalued YA books today. Here is a list of 13 YA books, year-wise, I’ve read that made my favorite pile but which I haven’t seen many people reading.

1. Just One Wish – Janette Rallison

This was a sweet story about one girl’s need to take care of her little brother. As the synopsis says, this novel will have readers laughing and crying at the same time. Continue reading “Undervalued YA Books Vol. 1”

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Life Update: 16 March 2020

Hola, peeps! I know I haven’t been posting as much. Things have been pretty hectic the past couple of weeks with my move to Canada and the 19hrs travel last Thursday to get here with the fear of the risk of catching the Coronavirus looming over you. Oh, man, I spent those 19 hrs and the stopover in Paris in a half-terrified state that I could catch it.

Immigration is already such a big risk and then you add the risk of this terrifying new virus on top of it and you’re a nerve-wracking mess. Life’s hard enough when you’re a new immigrant and now there are lesser chances of employment so I don’t know where to go from here.

I’m still getting my bearings, trying not to worry or stress about the future or the coming weeks. Well, as they say, “Que sera, sera.” I’m hoping for the best but I’m totally expecting the worst. That’s me. Any help, advice, tips are welcome. Mazel Tov! Prayers go to everyone affected by the Coronavirus.


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Life Update, Blog Update

Life Update

Hiya everyone! I know I haven’t been around for a while now. I don’t know if it was the depression, burnout or just life in general getting me down but I lost interest in both blogging and Instagram. I was kind of at a loss for inspiration and motivation and I kept asking myself, why bother? What’s the point of it all?

And the answer? I chose this. I chose to blog and to post on Instagram. Maybe there’s no point but it was my choice. It still is. That was a relief for me, because if I am not doing all these things what else would I be doing with myself? I’m going to try a different perspective to it all – to my life, to doing the things I want to do, to try to stay interested in things that bring me pleasure. Continue reading “Life Update, Blog Update”

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November TBR

Hola, book dragons, do you make a list of your TBR? I’m pretty OCD and I love lists so of course I had to go that one step into crazy and make a list on Excel. On my Excel file I have a different sheet for Overall TBR, Priority list, Netgalley, Blog Tours, etc.

Now, my insanity wouldn’t be satisfied with that. As if a TBR list of 2,506 books on excel isn’t organized enough. Oh, no, I had to go another step further, into madness and start a Bookish Journal. Continue reading “November TBR”

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Cast for Shadow & Bone series!

Guess what? The cast for the Shadow & Bone series has been revealed and do they look cool, or what!


I’m sure most of you already know about the Grisha trilogy and Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo. (If you don’t, go check out the books, they’re pretty awesome!)

So Netflix will be releasing a new TV show based on Shadow and Bone (the first book in the Grisha trilogy) and this show will also incorporate the Six of Crows duology, including the famous characters in the Grishaverse.

I’m really looking forward to the show but I do hope it won’t be a disappointment like the Shadowhunters series, whose cast definitely did NOT reflect the characters from the books. (Case in point – I only stomached the first 4 eps of the series before dropping it and I’ve never been tempted to go watch it).

The cast for Shadow and Bone seems more or less perfect for the characters in the Grishaverse but only when the show premiers that we’ll know.

Thoughts, people?

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Update to everyone whose blog I’m following

Hey, you guys, if you’re getting a follow notification from me it’s because I’m enabling notifications for your blogs on my WordPress app.

Does anyone know how to do this without unfollowing and re-following a blog so I can get the “enable notifications” option?

I have to do this so I get a notification on my WordPress app every time any of you are posting.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for bearing with me. Have a nice day!

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How to use Goodreads shelves to make progress on your TBR

If you’re a bookworm, you know all about the struggle of making a headway through your TBR (To-Be-Read) pile, and you know all about our salvation, a.k.a Goodreads. My TBR list’s like a never-ending red carpet—it keeps rolling and rolling with no end in sight. Thank God, because if it ever ended, that would mean we were running out of books (God forbid!). Continue reading “How to use Goodreads shelves to make progress on your TBR”