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Book Review: The Choice (The Dragon Heart Legacy #3) – Nora Roberts

Rating: 2/5 🌟🌟

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy


Welcome back to the world of Talamh, the world of the Fey, of magick & Sidhe & dragons – to the final conclusion of Breen’s destiny.  I wanted this last book to be epic but sadly it fell short of my hopes & expectations. I remember how disappointed I was with the first book, and how nice it was when the second book got better. I wanted so much to love The Choice but though I liked parts of it, sadly I just couldn’t love it.

The romance between the main characters was downplayed – mostly the emotional impact was lukewarm and that just tanked it for me. As for the plot, too much detail was given to everyday things and for the last book in a trilogy, it made the story even less dynamic.

The ‘how’ behind some of the magic was not revealed for at least two key turning points for Keegan and it felt like this was overlooked when it was so vital. I felt cheated because Nora Roberts always gets this right.

The ending felt rushed and again had that lukewarm feel to it that left me feeling disappointed.

The parts that I liked a lot were the LGBTQ element of it – Marco and Brian were my favorite couple – the trolls, and the dragons. Oh, there was one scene that was so heartbreaking it had me in tears.

What makes me feel sad is that this trilogy had the potential of being dynamic & epic but though NR’s writing was rich enough for the descriptions – the rich emotions that I’ve always loved in her storytelling were missing and I was left with a feeling of despondency at the end of it.

However, this series has some good scenes and is worth a read.

Thanks to Little, Brown Book Group UK, Piatkus & NetGalley for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.


The conclusion of the epic trilogy from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Awakening and The Becoming.
Talamh is a land of green hills, high mountains, deep forests, and seas, where magicks thrive. But portals allow for passage in and out–and ultimately, each must choose their place, and choose between good and evil, war and peace, life and death…
Breen Siobhan Kelly grew up in the world of Man and was once unaware of her true nature. Now she is in Talamh, trying to heal after a terrible battle and heartbreaking losses. Her grandfather, the dark god Odran, has been defeated in his attempt to rule over Talamh, and over Breen–for now.
With the enemy cast out and the portal sealed, this is a time to rest and to prepare. Breen spreads her wings and realizes a power she’s never experienced before. It’s also a time for celebrations–of her first Christmas in both Talamh and Ireland, of solstice and weddings and births–and daring to find joy again in the wake of sorrow. She rededicates herself to writing her stories, and when his duties as taoiseach permit, she is together with Keegan, who has trained her as a warrior and whom she has grown to love.
It’s Keegan who’s at her side when the enemy’s witches, traitorous and power-mad, appear to her in her sleep, practicing black magick, sacrificing the innocent, and plotting a brutal destruction for Breen. And soon, united with him and with all of Talamh, she will seek out those in desperate need of rescue, and confront the darkness with every weapon she has: her sword, her magicks–and her courage…




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