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Music Monday – 17 Jan 2022 – Something That I Already Knew – Backstreet Boys

Hey you guys, so despite a good start to January I still haven’t been able to be more consistent with blogging. Along with the lack of time, it’s like I have a block in my mind or something that’s stopping me from blogging. But being stubborn as a mule is a good thing in this case because persistence will prevail, right? If at first you don’t succeed, persist, persist, persist again. Am I right?

Alright, on to the music part. Yes, I admit it with pride, ten thousand years later I still love the Backstreet Boys as much as I did when I was sixteen lol. I think if I live long enough and the planet is hit by a meteor and if I’m lucky enough to get a seat on a lifeboat, say to Mars, all the albums of the Backstreet Boys will have a prominent place in my iPod. So future generations, prepare to be spammed with BSB on repeat! Mwahahahaha *evil laugh*

Here you go, Something That I Already Knew by the great Backstreet Boys for you guys lol. Enjoy!

Music Monday is hosted by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. Be sure to check out his awesome blog.

I miss Drew and his posts. I think he’d be one of the first people to rag me on my taste of music lol. Here’s to keeping your blog memes alive, Drew.



I'm a die-hard bibliophile and I'm also an introvert. My blog's about books, books and more books. (yep, that was easy) I might, from time to time, write about life and its vagaries. I like taking pictures of books and doing origami.

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