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TV Show Review: Star Trek Discovery S03

Rating: 3/5 🌟🌟🌟

Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Drama


Season 3 started out well enough with a new adventure, a new intrigue, a fascinating mystery and it was vital to find the cause behind those events. That kept me going through half the season because otherwise I wasn’t too impressed with Season 3.

I did enjoy the new characters, especially the delightful, colorful Book. I liked him a lot.

3 Seasons and I still don’t like Michael. I’m a pretty headstrong person myself and I try to always do what’s right, and you would have thought I would have related to her but Michael just grated me wrong with her attitude and her complete disregard of the people who cared about her. That said, there were about 3 very cool, very inspiring scenes that I absolutely enjoyed.

As usual, Philippa Georgiou was definitely my favorite character but I liked her far better as a sole agent rather than an Emperor.

The plot-line of Season 3 had so much potential but the climax, with the mystery revealed, was very anticlimactic. I wanted an epic climax, one that would blow my mind like in Season 2 but that was not the case.

With the way Season 2 ended on that cliffhanger, I had high hopes for Season 3. Alas, it ended up being quite a disappointment.


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