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Book Review: Can’t Get Enough (The Original Heartbreakers #6) – Gena Showalter

Rating: 4/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy


I chose this book on a whim. I was feeling blue and decided to give it a try. By the second chapter, I was deep in chuckles and I had forgotten I was supposed to be down the doldrums.

A tough, bad boy falling for a kindergarten teacher, both of them dragging their suitcase of issues and scars behind them. Add in a marriage of convenience, which turned out to be anything but.

This was my first book by Gena Showalter and I enjoyed her writing style a lot. It was witty and very appealing. Not for one second was I bored. There was nothing dull about this story which kept hopping.

This was a simple story but it was the excellent, witty writing that made it a good, solid story. If you like laugh-out-loud, sizzling romances, this one’s for you.

Blurb: The king of one-night stands… To inherit–and destroy–his father’s business at long last, Brock Hudson needs a temporary wife. The ruthless ex-military heartthrob has always avoided romantic entanglements. Women are sweet, but vengeance will be sweeter. Or so he thinks. Only one woman will do, but the vulnerable beauty is more than he bargained for—sexier, wittier, and utterly irresistible. The queen of the deep freeze… After an abusive first marriage, Lyndie Scott has sworn off relationships. But still she longs for a child of her own. Turns out, the brawler who used to frighten her with only a glance is the answer to her problems. She agrees to his proposal, with a caveat: spend every night in bed with her, then walk away for good when it’s time to divorce. Even if she’s pregnant. A marriage of breathtaking inconvenience… As the days pass too quickly and the nights heat up, Brock battles a sense of possession and obsession. Will the former commitment-phobe convince his wife they’re better off together, or will she pack her bags and go?


I'm a die-hard bibliophile and I'm also an introvert. My blog's about books, books and more books. (yep, that was easy) I might, from time to time, write about life and its vagaries. I like taking pictures of books and doing origami.

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