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Book Review: Blood Kissed (Lizzie Grace #1) – Keri Arthur

Rating: 4/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Genre: Fantasy,  Paranormal Romance


Two witches on the run open a café in a werewolf reservation. What could go wrong? When two different races of supernaturals mix together, definitely a whole keg of trouble exploding in your face.

It’s been ages since I last read a Keri Arthur book and witch stories being one of my favorite types of stories, I was pretty eager to get into Blood Kissed. Keri Arthur did not disappoint.

Lizzie and Belle weren’t blood-related but they were sisters in every sense of the word. A best friend who gets you and loves you, faults and all, someone whom you understand just as well – that kind of connection is rare and precious. I enjoyed the interactions between them a lot.

The plot-line was a good one, with six witch houses, three of which more powerful than others, and working as the rule-makers for the government and being the law in ‘law and order’ prickled my curiosity a lot. The intrigue was done well to the point that I was more interested in learning the secrets and mystery behind the story rather than the understated romance.

The author’s writing was witty and entertaining, laced with a beautiful flow of words that was a pleasure to read.

Synopsis: In a world where magic and science sit side by side, and powerful witches are considered necessary aides for all governments, Lizzie Grace is something of an outlier. Though born into one the most powerful blue blood witch families, she wants nothing to do with either her past or her magic. But when she and Belle, her human familiar and best friend, open a small cafe in the Faelan werewolf reservation, she quickly finds herself enmeshed in the hunt for a vampire intent on wreaking bloody havoc. It’s a hunt that soon becomes personal, and one that is going to take all her skills to survive–that’s if the werewolves, who hate all things witch, don’t get her first.


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