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Movie Review – Captain Marvel (2019)

For all those who know me, I’m a die-hard Marvel and DC Comics fan. Hell, any superhero or action-packed  movies/tv shows with values like “With great power comes great responsibility” 😉 I’m in. What is it about superheroes that blows us away? I’m no different, I just love a good superhero movie/tv show with the huge Good vs. Evil battle.

So, of course, I’ve been dying to watch Captain Marvel. I was finally able to go watch it last night, and OMG, two words: HOLY COW. I absolutely loved the movie, watched it with dazzled eyes full of awe and wonder. Captain Marvel’s my new idol now lol.


Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel was awesome – the epitome of The Strong Woman any girl wants to grow into. And not because she was beautiful or perfect. No, she had her flaws and she was so very human. But she rose past those flaws and handicaps and she rose strong. She was powerful but without flaunting it. She was emotional but without letting her emotions break her. She was snarky and sassy. And she had a hell of style.

And let’s not forget Jude Law who plays Yon-Rogg. He’s one of my favorite actors and he was awesome in Captain Marvel. Gorgeous as always, playing an intimidating Kree commander, he was wicked cool.


Plus the plot-line was a really good one, with plot twists you wouldn’t expect. It was kind of weird to see Nick Fury and Coulson looking so youngish like lol but it was a great movie. It had all the necessary elements to make a great movie – an intriguing plot-line, a fascinating main character, an enigmatic antagonist, cool supporting actors, engaging dialogues, plot twists, really good special effects and packed with action, with those quiet moments and healthy humor sprinkled in that made it all perfect.

Wow, I’m so… dazzled. I can’t find words to express how much I loved the movie and the character Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. It wasn’t just a great superhero movie but it showed a major empowerment of women. If I had to give it a rating of stars, it would be 5/5 stars. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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