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Monthly Wrap-Up – March 2019

Well, 3 months gone and just like the year is over. (Okay, still 9 months to go, but blink 9 times and those will be gone too lol.) This is my first wrap-up post, the idea of which I totally copied from Drew’s blog – The Tattooed Book Geek. Okay, okay, I know a lot of book blogs do it as well. But I never used to so I’m going to try to keep a monthly wrap-up post from now on.

Books I read in March:

Delirium series (books 1 & 2)
I started the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver. At first, it was okay but the story just kind of dragged on. I mostly fast-read books 1 and 2 and hit freeze on the first pages of book 3. I suppose I’ll finish it. Maybe. Though I do love the covers.


Iron and Magic – Ilona Andrews
I was also in kind of a reading slump and didn’t feel much like reading but Ilona Andrews’ Iron and Magic changed that. The book was so much fun, I said a cheerful bye-bye to the reading slump.


Fever series by Karen Marie Moning
Next, I decided to read the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning which turned out to be a big mistake. The first book was okay but then the story just dragged on too much and I had to get through 5 bloody books to finally find out what Jericho was. This series just dragged on and on. I tried to like MacKayla but really, I just couldn’t stand her whining and incessant dragging thoughts. Too much drama.


Stage Kiss
I completed at least one book from my Netgalley list and did the review. Now I have 7 more waiting. Oh, boy.


Toxic Game
This book was pretty good and I finally wrote the review today lol.


Blood Kissed
Keri Arthur is one of my favorite authors and yet I’ve only read 3 of her series. So I decided to dip my toe in her Lizzie Grace series. The first book, Blood Kissed was pretty good.


Overall, I read only 10 books in March but I’m still 3 books ahead in my Goodreads Challenge so I’m good for now. 🙂

New Venture
I’m starting my Etsy store this week (hopefully) and I’ll be selling Book Sleeves, Cross-stitched Mug wraps and Bookmarks. Do stop by and give it a visit.

So that’s it for March. I wasn’t as productive as I’d planned but I’m working on it. 


I'm a die-hard bibliophile and I'm also an introvert. My blog's about books, books and more books. (yep, that was easy) I might, from time to time, write about life and its vagaries. I like taking pictures of books and doing origami.

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