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Saturday Stars – 15 September 2018 – Reed Quartermaine

My Saturday’s over! Which means Sunday will be over in a finger-snap and dreaded Monday will be here to ruin my life. But, you know what they say (I don’t know who “they” are) enjoy the moment while it lasts. So, I’ll wring every second of enjoyment out of Sunday before I’m back in prison.

I found myself thinking of Reed today, one of my favorite characters and object of infatuation. So of course, I was bound to pull him in the limelight. πŸ˜‰

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3. Have fun revisiting your favorite characters and their worlds.

1 – Saturday Star (Name the Character you want to feature.)
2 – Which book or series does the character live in?
3 – Why is this character among your favorites?

Saturday Star: Reed Quartermaine
Book/Series: Shelter In Place – Nora Roberts


Some people are innately good and kind, even when they are in the midst of a crisis, or I should say, especially. Their inner goodness comes out and I guess, maybe, that’s how they end up heroes. Because they’re just trying to do the right thing. Reed Quartermaine was like that.

He was still shy of his twenties when a mass shooting at the mall where he was working changed his life. In the midst of that horrible event, he rose to the occasion and even with the fear that he could be shot any moment, he helped others. I’ve never witnessed a shooting, never been through that trauma, so I don’t know what I would do if it happened to me. What direction it would send my life spiraling into, if I survived it.

For Reed, that horrible trauma pulled him into law enforcement. Made him a better person. He spent his life protecting others, doing his best to live his life as a tribute to those lives lost on that horrible day.

For me, books have always pushed me to be better, stronger. I hope if one day, I’m faced with such a traumatic event, I’ll have the courage to face it head-on and be the best of me that I can be.


I'm a die-hard bibliophile and I'm also an introvert. My blog's about books, books and more books. (yep, that was easy) I might, from time to time, write about life and its vagaries. I like taking pictures of books and doing origami.

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