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Saturday Stars – 08 September 2018 – Selene (Underworld)

I went to watch the movie The Meg with my cousins and it was highly entertaining. The shark scenes were well done and pretty cool. It was so much fun with my cousins. I had a blast. Also, I’m never going to the beach again and setting foot in the sea. 😉

How to participate in this meme:
1. Credit the creator of this tag (Me! 😉 ) and link back.
2. Answer the three questions pertaining to the character.
3. Have fun revisiting your favorite characters and their worlds.

1 – Saturday Star (Name the Character you want to feature.)
2 – Which book or series does the character live in?
3 – Why is this character among your favorites?

Saturday Star: Selene (the character)
Book/Series: Underworld saga (movies and novelisations)

For as long as I can remember, Selene has been my hero. She’s everything I ever imagined a warrior to be like – strong, fast and a cool mind. When I was younger, I wanted to be like her. The character of Selene, as a vampire who’d lost her family and spent her existence seeking revenge only to find out she’d been deceived.

Love added depth and growth to her character, made her stronger and better. In line with her warrior characteristics, she had honor. And she never faltered to sacrifice for the people she loved, to stand up for her beliefs. I admired that about her and I loved that Greg Cox showed her as such in the novelizations.

She was an inspiration to me and remains so. 🙂


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