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Saturday Stars – 20 May 2018 – Pestilence

I’ve been wanting to do this post for awhile now, ever since I read Pestilence. Well, Pestilence, spotlight’s on, here’s your moment.

How to participate in this meme:
1. Credit the creator of this tag (Me! 😉 ) and link back.
2. Answer the three questions pertaining to the character.
3. Have fun revisiting your favorite characters and their worlds.

1 – Saturday Star (Name the Character you want to feature.)
2 – Which book or series does the character live in?
3 – Why is this character among your favorites?

Saturday Star: Pestilence
Book/Series: Pestilence (The Four Horsemen #1) – Laura Thalassa


Pestilence was the first horseman, come to rid the world of the one thing corrupting it, killing it – Us. It was so hard for him to do what he’d been sent to do. His compassion, his humanity was his downfall. He’d been sent to wipe out the humans, but watching them succumb to the deadly plague, watching them die – was excruciating for him to watch.

It was heartbreaking to see how humans treated him. What they put him through. He was subjected to the worst of humanity – inhumane acts committed against him – and how ironic that those humans did it all in the name of saving humanity.

Then he went and fell in love with a human. How the mighty had fallen! That love brought out the best in him, and the worst. He became as human as the people he’d condemned.

And I guess in the end, he finally understood humanity.


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