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Book Review: The Legend of Deathwalker (The Drenai Saga #7) – David Gemmell

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure


We find Druss battling the Nadir on the walls of Dros Delnoch and his mind goes back to the past and the events which led to him fighting beside the Nadir. Druss’s search for his wife Rowena led him to become the lethal fighter he turned into, more comfortable with violence and death than a peaceful life.

And so, circumstances send him on a quest for magic stones to save a friend’s life. Stones supposedly in a shrine right in the middle of Nadir territory. Perilous journey, anyone?

The book focuses mainly on the Nadir. We get a deeper view into the Nadir and the kind of people they are. They are considered savages compared to the Drenai and their way of life is incomprehensible but the Drenai are no better. The way the Drenai treat the Nadir as less than human, the cruelty to their children is deplorable.

We also find out the reason why the Nadir are so at odds and separated as a people. Oshikai Demon-Bane and Shut-sen’s story is heartbreaking.

The one lesson prominent in all of David Gemmell’s books is that hate begets hate. The Nadir hate the Drenai and the Drenai hate them back. It’s a vicious circle that never ends.

David Gemmell crafts an impressive plot with Druss and the Nadir fighting together for a noble cause. The conclusion for the Nadir was an impactful one but Druss’s quest? Ah, we’re given one of life’s biggest lessons here – how life never works out the way you want it to.

Synopsis: Enter a powerful realm of legend, dark sorcery, and conquest, where the mighty Drenai warrior Druss faces his most deadly opponent . . . Druss the Legend, the dark axman known as the Deathwalker, must join the warrior Talisman on a mission of blood and glory. Only the stolen Eyes of Alchazzar–mystic jewels of power–will save Druss’s dying friend, then unite the Nadir tribes against the evil of the Gothir. Druss agrees to help look for the twin gems–hidden for centuries in the shrine of Oshikai, the Demon-bane, the Nadir’s greatest hero. It has been prophesied that with the recovery of the stones, there will come the Uniter, a magnificent fighter who will free the Nadir from brutal oppression. But Garen-Tsen, the sadistic power behind the Gothir throne, also seeks the gems. To control them, he will send five thousand men against a handful of savages, Talisman, and the one Drenai warrior.


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