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Book Review: The First Chronicles Of Druss The Legend (The Drenai Saga #6) – David Gemmell

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure


This book tells the story of how a lumberjack, Druss, living a simple life with his wife in his village becomes a legend. Even at a young age, Druss was a formidable man, fierce and strong.

While he’s in the woods felling trees, his village is raided and his wife, Rowena, taken among the other young women. With the help of a warrior, Shadak, he sets off to find and save Rowena, which unleashes a chain of reactions that set Druss on a journey there would be no turning back from.

It’s heartbreaking how every time he gets close to saving Rowena, fate pushes them even further apart. Along the way, Druss is beset with doubts and trauma. He overcomes his fears and becomes a deadly fighter, earning a name for himself and his axe, Snaga. Druss and his father were first portrayed as simple villagers and yet their history held a dark and bloody secret. It added a depth to the plot-line and a deeper understanding into Druss.

David Gemmell shows the human nature at its worst and also, at its best. But it’s the worst I’m focusing on for now. When Rowena’s secret comes to light, I hate how she is treated by people who were supposed to be her friends. In my opinion, that’s the deciding point in the story. If not for human nature at its worst, Rowena and Druss would not have been separated for that long.

Even when they get united, their union is a bittersweet one, colored with all the trauma they both went through. To anyone reading David Gemmell’s Legend, I recommend reading The First Chronicles Of Druss The Legend beforehand. 🙂

Synopsis: Druss. The Legend. Saviour of Skeln Pass. Protector of Dros Delnoch. The most famous – and dreaded – of Drenai’s heroes. But before all men knew Druss he was a young husband, hewing tress instead of men – most of the time – and held in check by his beloved wife, Rowena. When she is stolen by slavers Druss becomes a killing machine intent on only one thing: Rowena’s return.



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