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Book Review: In the Realm of the Wolf (The Drenai Saga #4, Waylander #2) – David Gemmell

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure


In The Realm of The Wolf is the second book in the Waylander Trilogy. In the first book, we saw how Waylander was saved. He left to live his life with Danyal and the two little girls. I wondered what he would be like, as a husband and a father. He was prepared to live his life in peace but could he learn to let go of his bloody past? Alas, Fate was once again determined to drag him back into the violence and death he’d left behind.

Waylander was ten years older but no less deadly. Holy cow, even older, he was a force to reckon with. His fighting skills, his sixth sense for danger were still sharp. I empathized with him over all he’d lost but he was a man shaped by trauma into a deadly weapon. It was in the midst of danger that he felt most alive.

I was surprised by his caring for his daughter, Miriel, but I shouldn’t have been. His capacity to care, to love was his biggest strength and it was what had been his downfall. It was losing the people he loved which had caused him to seek revenge. It was what had turned Dakeyras into Waylander.

The Nadir shaman, Kesa Khan, was an ugly little man. His cause to bring about the Uniter who would bring all the Nadir clans together as a people was admirable but he was filled with malice and hatred for the Drenai. It was that hatred which almost lost him everything.

I enjoyed In The Realm Of The Wolf immensely, with the startling revelations and prophesies that would affect the future of the Drenai and the Nadir.

David Gemmell crafted an awesome plot-line, mingling the Drenai and the Nadir together, with surprising twists and turns and a new cast of characters.

Synopsis: Enter the extraordinary, action-filled world that became Legend– as the exciting Drenai adventure continues to unfold . . . A mighty warrior and a feared assassin among the Drenai, Waylander the Slayer is now a man hunted by his own people–with a fortune in gold offered as grim reward for his murder. But this is only one of many evils closing in on Waylander and his daughter, Miriel, the beautiful and deadly Battle Queen of Kar-Barzac. For, once separated, father and daughter face certain death as the sorcerers and demons, soldiers and shamans of three empires summon their blackest, most destructive powers in an effort to annihilate these two most gifted Drenai warriors.


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