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Book Review: Hero in the Shadows (The Drenai Saga #5, Waylander #3) – David Gemmell

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure


Hero In The Shadows is the finale of the Waylander trilogy. I started this book with a bittersweet pang. Waylander’s my favorite character from the David Gemmell books and I didn’t want his story to end.

Waylander had put his past behind and was now the Grey Man. It astonished me all he’d achieved. He was always a clever man, with that uncanny sixth sense of his. His life had never been easy, and even now when he’d left it all behind, fate wasn’t satisfied to leave him be.

He was forced back into violence, into a fight between good against evil.

Ah, but Waylander had style. Whatever he did, he did it with an admirable intelligence and fighting skill-set. Add in his empathy for those who couldn’t defend themselves. As Ustarte observed, “There is a nobility of spirit in him, and a power not found in ordinary men.

Sorcery, deadly monsters, demons—piece of cake. An intriguing plot-line with new characters like Ustarte, Yu Yu Liang, Kysumu, Keeva.

The ending broke my heart. It was apt though, perfect for Waylander and still it was heartbreaking. I guess he was always headed that way—his destiny. To come full circle as it did.

Synopsis: Thousands of years ago the city of Kuan Hador, a place steeped in evil, was defeated by a vast army of mystic warriors, the Enemy banished beyond the Gateway between Worlds. Spells of enormous power sealed the Gateway. Now, in the Duchy of Kydor, two thousand miles from the lands of the Drenai, icy mists begin to form around the ruins of Kuan Hador. Awesome Beasts stalk the hills and forests. The spells are fading, the days of blood drawing nearer. Beyond the Gateway the vengeful armies of Kuan Hador await. And where years before a host stood against the Enemy, now only a handful of warriors prepare to face it once more. Kysumu the Swordsman, last of a dying breed, Yu Yu Liang, the ditch digger, Ustarte, the Beast-Priestess, and the mysterious Waylander. Together they must solve an ancient mystery, which will bring the dead to life for a final battle outside Time. But first Waylander must find a way to kill a man who cannot die.


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