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Little things, simple things. Simple joy.

I was in the bus, zoning out because I felt sleepy, when I noticed this high school kid riding his bike through traffic on his way to school. He rode his bike as if he had all the time in the world, just coasting it, like drifting.

Anyone who’s ever watched the movie Tokyo Drift will remember the curving paths and cruisin’ in your car, taking the curves like sliding through a dream.

And that was what this kid was doing. Cruising. No pressure. No stress. It was clear he was having a blast. You could see it in his relaxed posture, his smile. Enjoying his simple ride to school. I envied him that unreserved joy.

How many of us can say we find joy in the simplest things, that we live in the moment? That we step back, take a moment to breathe in the air, to smile and be happy we’re alive? At the end of the day, how many of us look back and find one small good thing that happened to us that day? Not to mention, be thankful for being alive in this day and age and be glad we’re who we are?

WHAT, no raised hands? Really, are the Buddhists and monks and enlightened beings the only ones who can claim to be happy with the simple things in life?

I know it’s hard, to find joy when your life is tough. When you have a job you hate, or dealing with things other people can’t understand, when you feel alone and lost in a crowd. But I think, when we are able to find some joy in the simple things in life, it makes a difference in how we view the world. We learn to appreciate every breath, every hug. The importance of those small things. And you know what? It’s like seeing the world through eyes filled with wonder, seeing magic around you.


There’s a sense of contentment in finding the tinniest bit of happiness in such a simple thing as to see the sunrise over the mountains, a canopy of trees over your head like an umbrella. Breathing in fresh air in the morning or cozying up in bed just a little longer. A good breakfast. The rain, leaving the world clean and fresh. A good book 🙂

The ability to find joy, a little happiness in a small thing is the best way to recharge for the hardships of life. I think that’s a good thought to have on a Friday, isn’t it? 🙂




I'm a die-hard bibliophile and I'm also an introvert. My blog's about books, books and more books. (yep, that was easy) I might, from time to time, write about life and its vagaries. I like taking pictures of books and doing origami.

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